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Homelessness Resources for Business Owners

Boulder Ambassadors:

  • Call/text 720-498-9601 to reach an on-duty Ambassador. On-duty hours listed here.
  • Ambassadors can help with:
    • Trash, broken glass, and biohazard removal and cleanup on sidewalks and streets
    • Graffiti removal on building exteriors, light poles, mailboxes, etc.
    • Wellness checks and interventions with homeless individuals
    • Discouraging unwanted behavior
  • Our hardworking Ambassadors are not police officers, mental health professionals, or conflict de-escalation experts. Their presence often helps deter unwanted behavior and leads to cleaner, safer streets and sidewalks on The Hill, but Ambassadors are not replacements for police or trained Crisis Intervention responders. If you see something dangerous or illegal happening, call 911.

Inquire Boulder:

  • Use the city's Inquire Boulder tool to report unsanctioned camping on and around The Hill.
  • Reports made through Inquire Boulder are guaranteed a response from city staff.
  • Reporting unsanctioned camping helps the city collect data and can influence the allocation of police presence and resources.
  • You can also download the Inquire Boulder app for easier reporting.

Boulder Police:

  • Non-Emergency: call 303-441-3333 to report a non-emergency crime or to request police presence on The Hill.
  • You can also use BPD's Report a Crime online form to report non-emergency crimes where there is no suspect information. If you have suspect information, call the non-emergency number above.
  • Reporting crimes and dangerous behavior associated with homelessness helps the city collect crime data and can influence the allocation of police presence and resources.
  • Emergency: call 911 for emergencies and to report dangerous behavior or crimes-in-progress.
  • If the undesirable behavior is not dangerous or illegal, consider contacting the Boulder Ambassadors instead.

Affidavit of Trespass

  • This affidavit authorizes the Boulder Police Department to summon or arrest any person trespassing on private property. Trespassing includes camping, sleeping, or being on any part of the property without permission and sleeping, camping, lying down, or obstructing entrances during business hours.
  • No Trespassing signs must be visibly posted before police can enforce.
  • The affidavit expires two years from the date listed.
  • Property owner or authority details, including contact information, are essential for enforcement.
  • Remember that these affidavits serve as legal documents, and it’s crucial to follow through with prosecution after issuing a summons or making an arrest. If you need further assistance, consider reaching out to the relevant authorities or legal professionals. 
  • An officer should be on-hand to administer an Affidavit to maintain the peace and file with the Records department, though the business may elect to fill it out later and turn it in to any officer. Scanning and emailing to an officer is acceptable.

Affidavit of Trespass PDF

More Info & Homelessness Services

Learn more:

Homelessness services in Boulder:

  • City of Boulder Homelessness Services/Coordinated Entry
    • In Boulder County, people experiencing homelessness can access services and housing resources through Coordinated Entry, a short screening in which questions are asked to determine needs and match them with services. During the process, people are also assessed for possible Diversion Services: a specialist can provide financial (e.g., bus passes, car repairs) or non-financial (e.g., landlord discussions) assistance to resolve homelessness immediately.
  • Community Resources for the Homeless - These are homelessness resources compiled by the Boulder Shelter, including a 2-page printout that's great to have on hand for anyone in need of housing and homelessness services.
  • Boulder Shelter - Provides temporary overnight shelter for Boulder's homeless, with increased resources and capacity during dangerous weather. The city is also in the process of opening a day shelter.
  • Streetscape - A local nonprofit organization that provides food, clothes, survival gear, peer-to-peer mentoring, housing and job assistance, and more to the unhoused community in Boulder County.