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Resources for Hill Businesses

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This newsletter is for business and property owners (and other stakeholders) within the University Hill Commercial District.


Boulder Ambassadors

  • Call/text 720-498-9601 to reach an on-duty Ambassador. On-duty hours listed here.
  • Ambassadors can help with:
    • Trash, broken glass, and biohazard removal and cleanup on sidewalks and streets
    • Graffiti removal on building exteriors, light poles, mailboxes, etc.
    • Maintenance issues
    • Wellness checks and discouraging unwanted behavior
  • The presence of our hardworking Ambassadors helps deter unwanted behavior and leads to cleaner, safer streets and sidewalks on The Hill, but Ambassadors are not replacements for police or trained Crisis Intervention responders. If you see something dangerous or illegal happening, or if someone is having a mental health crisis, call 911. The city's Crisis Intervention Response Team sends behavioral health professionals to intervene alongside police and medical responders. 


Homelessness Resources

We know that homelessness has been a big issue on The Hill for a long time. We’ve put together a few resources that might help.


Sponsored EcoPass Program

Any full-time, non-student employees on the Hill (technically, within the University Hill General Improvement District) are eligible for a free RTD EcoPass. This allows employees to ride RTD buses for free throughout the Boulder area (including to Denver and the airport). It also comes with other benefits, like discounts at certain shops and restaurants in Boulder. More about the program on the city’s website here.

EMPLOYERS: If you would like to enroll your Hill business in the sponsored EcoPass program, please fill out the New Employer Form below and reach out to Lane Landrith if you need assistance.


Scam & Fraud Prevention Resources

Rebates, Incentives, & Financial Assistance

Business Support Resource Guides

Other Resources

Hill-specific City Resources