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Resources for Hill Businesses

Boulder Ambassadors

The City of Boulder, in partnership with the Downtown Boulder Partnership and Block by Block, has launched the Boulder Ambassador Program to provide enhanced cleaning, safety and hospitality services within the downtown/Pearl St. and the University Hill districts.

Ambassadors are easily identifiable in their bright blue shirts and are trained to:

  • provide information, directions, and safety escorts to visitors
  • help find parked vehicles
  • patrol the districts to address unfavorable activities
  • perform welfare checks and connect people with social services
  • assist with maintenance issues and graffiti removal

The Ambassadors' current hours are:

  • Sundays - Wednesdays 7:30 am - 7:30 pm
  • Thursdays - Saturdays 7:30 am - 10:00 pm

To address any of the above issues during operating hours, call or text 720-498-9601 to reach an on-duty Ambassador. For graffiti removal and other maintenance needs, fill out this form.

Homelessness Resources

We know that homelessness has been a big issue on The Hill for a long time. We’ve put together a few resources that might help.

Learn more:

Help out/donate:

  • Feet Forward - A local nonprofit organization that provides food, clothes, survival gear, peer-to-peer mentoring, housing and job assistance, and more to the unhoused community in Boulder County. Donations go directly to keeping people experiencing homelessness warm, dry, and fed.
  • Boulder Shelter - Many opportunities for individuals and groups to volunteer their time and help provide meals to Boulder's homeless. Also accepts financial and in-kind donations.
  • Bridge House - Bridge House relies on volunteers to provide one-on-one mentoring, work training, and more to help people get back on their feet. Also accepts financial and in-kind donations.

Sponsored EcoPass Program

Any full-time, non-student employees on the Hill (technically, within the University Hill General Improvement District) are eligible for a free RTD EcoPass. This allows employees to ride RTD buses for free throughout the Boulder area (including to Denver and the airport). It also comes with other benefits, like discounts at certain shops and restaurants in Boulder. More about the program on the city’s website here.

EMPLOYERS: If you would like to enroll your Hill business in the sponsored EcoPass program, please fill out this New Employer Form and reach out to Lane Landrith if you need assistance.

City of Boulder Resources

Other Resources