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First things first, you'll need a Special Events Permit from the City of Boulder. This is mandatory anytime you're closing a public street, even a small one like this. 

Step 1. Review the Special Events Guide

Step 2. Plan your event timeline. Your Special Event Application is due 90 days before the proposed date of your event, so you'll need to have all the necessary materials ready 3+ months in advance.

Step 3. Review the application checklist. Begin gathering the necessary materials.

Step 4. Create a traffic management plan and get in touch with Len Marques.

Step 5. Submit your completed application and all necessarily materials here more than 90 days before the proposed date of your event. Contact Lane Landrith if you have any questions or run into any trouble.

Step 6. Wait for a response from Lane or someone else from the Special Events department. Your event is not permitted until you get confirmation from the City of Boulder.